Gallery of art by Kevin Malone ©

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New Oil Paintings
Landscapes, silhouettes, seascapes, African scenes, dancing scenes 

20"x30" Oil Painting Elephants at waterhole

9"x7". oil painting Viking bay, Broadstairs SOLD.

0il Painting. The City 18"x20". Sold. Limited Edition prints available.

Oil Painting Viking Bay Broadstairs 16"x20"

miniature oil. 7"x5" SOLD

Miniature oil 7"x5" Broadstairs clock tower SOLD

miniature oil 7"x5" Viking Bay SOLD

x 2 oil miniatures 3.5"x2.5" The Promenade (left) and Kingsgate Bay (right) Both SOLD

miniature oil 7"x5". Lonely bull Elephant SOLD

miniature oil 7"x5"Rough waters at Kingsgate

Miniature oil 7"x5" The tide pool

Sold 24"x30" oil painting  commission Stratford upon Avon.

Miniature oil 7"x5" Broadstairs Sold

Miniature 7"x5" Dumpton Gap looking towards Ramsgate

miniature oil painting 7"x5".  SOLD

Oil painting 20"x16" 

Oil painting commission 20"x16" A walk in the park SOLD

Oil Abstract 36"x28"

Oil Abstract 20"x16"

Oil painting 20"x16" Walking the dogs in Central Park.

Miniature above and below in oil 7"x7" box canvas  Gambia both SOLD

Oil Painting 20"x16". Misty and wet on the Thames!. Limited edition prints available 

Oil painting22"x18" Early morning Cape Town from the sea.SOLD

Miniature oil painting 7"x5"

Miniature oil 7"x5"  R12 in rough seas.

miniature oil 7"x5" Broadstairs at dawn.

miniature oil 7"x5" sea fishing

miniature oil 7"x5" Sailing off Broadstairs

miniature oil  7"x5" 

Oil painting An Autumn walk 20"x16" Limited edition prints available 

oil painting 20"x16" 

oil miniatures 7"x5" African dancers both SOLD

Acrylic 16"x12" 'swinging in the rain' SOLD

Oil Painting. 28"x36"   Break of day

oil painting commission 24"x32". Broadstairs SOLD

Oil paintings above and below 43"x33" in black floating frames.  African dancers

oil painting 30"x40". End of day

oil painting 38"x26"(including frame)  Drumming for 8

oil painting 30'x40".  The fishermen SOLD

oil painting commission 14"x12" Bull Elephant SOLD

oil painting 30"x40". Boats on Deal beach. SOLD

oil painting in palette knife 32"x24" The Promenade SOLD  Limited edition prints available 

oil painting in palette knife 32"x24" Folk week in Broadstairs SOLD Limited edition prints available 

oil painting 36"x28" The red buoy

oil painting 48"x20" The Baobab trees

Acrylics x3 9"x12" swinging in the rain SOLD

oil painting 4"x30". Wet Autumn walk.SOLD

oil painting 40"x18"    Kingsgate Bay at dawn SOLD

oil painting  commission 12'X18"  Mother and calf SOLD

x3 in oil commission African animals 16'x16"  SOLD

oil painting 36"x28". Sunrise over the bay. SOLD

Oil Painting 18"x24". Autumn gold SOLD

oil painting 18"x24" New York

x2 oil paintings of Broadstairs pier SOLD

24"x20". commission SOLD

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