Gallery of art by Kevin Jon  Malone ©

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New Oil Paintings
Landscapes, silhouettes, seascapes, African scenes, dancing scenes 

                   40"x 48" Large African art oil Painting in Palette Knife.    'Dance away'  £969.00  P&P not included

 Large 40"x 48"  oil painting, on a 36mm box edge  Dumpton Gap, Broadstairs (looking across to King George VI park, Ramsgate). £849.00 P&P not included

60"x 40" Large palette knife oil painting on a 36mm box canvas  "The mad fishing party"  £1,059.00 P&P not included

                                            24" x 36"oil painting.      "Old Deal"    £359.00 P&P not included

      Large 40"x48"oil painting, on a 36mm box edge  'Nightfall in the woods'   £879.00 not including P&P

                                            Large 40"x48"oil painting   'The spirits in the wood'(Ranthambhore NP, India). SOLD

                                                 Oil Painting 24"x30"  'Skyfall'  £240.00. not including P&P

                                               16"x20" oil painting 'Stone bay', Broadstairs.  SOLD

                                                                   x2  9"x12" oil paintings. 'Red umbrella'  SOLD

                                                      oil painting 30"x20". 'Pure shores'.  £145.00 not including P&P

                                                                        Rita's 'Elephants in winter' oil painting 
                                                                                        For Rita Baker R.I.P. 1936-2020.
                                                                   Mum to my wife Caroline and her sisters Jane and Anne.
                                                     Painting donated to 'The family room' William Harvey Hospital, Ashford, Kent.

 oil painting with antique silver frame  16"x20".  Kingsgate Bay  (Broadstairs, Kent)  £160.00. P&P not included

                                              oil painting 24"x30" 'Alone in Paris', in a black frame. £360.00 not including P&P

                                                                                             7"x5" x3 oil small oil set  Golf scenes   SOLD

                                                                                 oil painting 24"x30".   The Jetty, Broadstairs.  SOLD

                                                                                    20"x30" 0il painting    'The palm tree'   SOLD

                      48"x 16", oil painting. (in a Beachwood frame) 'The Boabab trees'  £320.00 P&P not included

                                                                      30"x48" oil painting.      'A new day'.      £360.00  P&P not included

                                                    30"x40" oil painting.       'A room with a view'.  £319.00 P&P not included

                                          30"x36" oil painting. 'After the storm' Based from a photograph taken by David Attenborough in 2013
                                                                             £545.00  (includes frame) P&P not included.  

                 20"x30"canvas size . African art oil painting in Palette knife. 'The meeting'    £400.00 P&P not included 

                                                   14"x18" oil painting in palette knife.   "The harbour arm" (Broadstairs) SOLD

                                               10"x12" is the canvas size. Oil painting  'The sailing club". SOLD

                          oil painting in palette knife 20"x30"  'Low tide at Broadstairs'. SOLD Limited edition prints available 5

                                                     28"x36" oil painting in palette knife.   'The old town'. SOLD

                                                                    18"x 22" oil painting in palette knife.  "Deep sea sailing"       SOLD

                                                                        20"x48" Oil Painting.     'Seashore workshop'.  SOLD

                                                        0il Painting. 'The City'  18"x20". SOLD. Limited Edition prints available. (one 5 of 5 left).

                                                                                              Oil Abstract 20"x16"    Meditation SOLD

                                                                    Oil Painting 20"x16".    'Umbrella's up on the Thames'!. SOLD.  

                                                                            Oil painting An Autumn walk 20"x16"   SOLD    Limited edition prints available 

                                                                                Oil Painting. 28"x36"   'Break of day'.  SOLD

                                                                                       oil painting commission 24"x32". Broadstairs 

                                            33''x 43''.oil painting.  African art  'The orange tree' £400  includes black floating frame. P&P is not included

                                    oil painting 38"x26"(in a gold frame)  'Bourkes luck dancers'. £300 including frame. P&P not included.

                                                                               oil painting 30"x40".   'Boats on Deal beach'. SOLD

                                             oil painting in palette knife 32"x24"  'The Promenade'. SOLD   

                                     oil painting in palette knife 32"x24"  'Folk week in Broadstairs' SOLD 

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