Gallery of art by Kevin Malone ©

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Acrylic & Oil paintings, please click on an image to enlarge

60"x50" oil painting. Early morning mist SOLD

oil painting 41.5"x31" (including white floating frame)  Waves SOLD

oil painting 40"x36". The stick SOLD

oil painting commission 26"x34" The fleeing Spaniard SOLD

oil painting 23"x19" (in frame) Margate pier SOLD

30"x20"oil painting Cold in January SOLD

commission 30"x20" Acrylic London SOLD

oil painting 28"x36" The Broadstairs stick SOLD

oil painting 32"x40" The Gambia SOLD

20"x24"Acrylic abstract

oil painting 12"x10" Las Giantis

oil painting 30"x20" Calm before the storm SOLD

48"x20" oil painting Stone bay sunrise SOLD

oil painting 36"x24" African rain dancers SOLD